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60-Second Introduction

Like most business networking groups, we offer our members, subs and visitors the opportunity to “pitch” their business to fellow attendees during our 60-second round. This gives everyone the chance to stand up and outline what it is they do, what they’re looking for in terms of referrals, or any special offers or new products they have on offer, etc.

In theory, it’s a very easy part of the proceedings; however, it’s also something many people struggle with. People who have never “pitched” before can find it daunting, and those who have done it for years can sometimes feel a bit jaded.

Which is why we have pulled together our top tips for getting the most out of your 60-seconds.

# 1 – Explain who you are

Whilst this is essential when you’re new to a group, don’t underestimate the importance of getting in to the habit of stating your name, and business name, every single chance you get to stand up. If you start thinking it’s a waste of time because everyone knows you, then whenever you have a new visitor or sub in the room, you’re likely to forget to announce yourself – and then they will be left wondering who on earth you were!

Simply state your name, the name of your business, perhaps your job title and maybe a quick line about what you do.

# 2- Give a fact or statistic about your industry or your customer’s problems

The best way to get people’s attention is to explain the problem you solve. Highlighting that “80% of business owners don’t know how to network effectively” is a great way to get people to stop and think. If they’re one of those 80%, then they’re more likely to pay attention to see if they can find out how you can perhaps help them.

# 3 – Outline the solution you provide

If you’ve given a statistic, then relate the benefit you and your business offer directly back to that figure. How do you help that 80% of business owners who don’t know how to network? Perhaps you provide training, you offer online courses, blogs, information, or you set up networking events.

# 4 – Conclude

You might only have 60 seconds to get everything across, but remember, people will generally only remember the beginning of your pitch, or the end of your pitch. That’s why it’s essential you offer a conclusion to recap on what you’ve said, and solidify the point you’ve been making.

Your conclusion should include a call to action – some instruction or action your listeners should take to find out more, or sign up etc. It might be “If you want to know more, book a 1-2-1”.

# 5 – Close on a memory hook

Think of your memory hook as the bow that ties your pitch together. It’s a great way to tie your business and the problems you solve together in the minds of your audience.

Some great examples of memory hooks from our members include:

  • “I may be small, but I can put you in hospital” from Phil Ashcroft at the WPA Healthcare Practice
  • “If you’re tired of tasteless design, just add Mustard” from Clark Burgan at Mustard Graphics
  • “Champagne service at lemonade prices” from Paul Holt at Garside Garage and Bury Mini Bus Hire

If you’d like to come practice your 60-second introduction at one of our meetings, all you have to do is book a place (it’s FREE to visit), by CLICKING HERE.