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Benefits of being a BBG member

No matter what networking group you decide to join, there must be fundamental benefits associated with that membership. You need to be sure that whatever you put in to it (which includes your time and money), ultimately gives you a good return.

Every group has its own distinct benefits, and probably has advantages over some others. Here is a list of just some of the benefits of being a member of Bury Business Group.

1 – Members are part of your sales team

We’re not going to lie, that’s true of any networking group. At least, that’s the theory. The whole point of networking is to build relationships with other business owners within a specific industry or location, who can help raise awareness of your business. In turn, they will be able to increase your referrals, thus acting as your own sales team.

However, not all groups work that way. It can come down to how long the group has been operating, how effective members are at understanding what their fellow members do, the size of the external networks they can call upon … you get the idea.

All we can say for certain is that here at BBG we are an effective sales team. Our members are experienced at tracking down potential referrals for their fellow members. No, not every member gets a referral every week, that would be impossible, but the vast majority of us consistently receive referrals either from members directly in the group, or through third parties.

2 – Low cost advertising

Advertising is something every business should do, yet it’s also something most of us don’t like spending money on. It’s vital to drum up more business; however, it’s one of those things that you know can cost a lot, and you’re never guaranteed any tangible returns.

With networking you can see those returns on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Specifically with BBG you know that you’re not paying the earth. In fact, our membership fee is £45 per month, and that covers a meeting EVERY Tuesday (excluding after Bank Holidays). On top of that, we don’t even charge extra for breakfast!

Whilst the cost, at less than £12 per week, is impressive enough, think about who you might be able to reach with that kind of spend. We regularly have over 25 people in the room each week. That’s already 25 people you’re getting your message in front of on a weekly basis. Not to mention the people they can then potentially refer you to.
For £12 per week.

Where else are you going to find that kind of value for money?

3 – Regular meetings

Here at Bury Business Group we pride ourselves on being the oldest and largest weekly networking group/event in the Bury area. We’ve been doing this for a long time now and we firmly believe one of the advantages we have over other groups that have come, and gone, along the way is that we have regular weekly meetings.

Whilst fortnightly meetings take up less of your time, they also have the disadvantage of meaning there is a longer gap between getting together with your members. That means there is a much higher opportunity for you to slip out of someone’s mind, to not be as present, and as easy to remember. For members who are fundamentally proactive that won’t make the slightest difference, but we all know that not every member in a networking group works this way.

Having weekly meetings means that we are able to develop strong relationships with members even quicker than at other groups. There is a better understanding, in a shorter amount of time, of what members do, the kinds of referrals they’re looking for, and how we can help. That means we can start making introductions and referrals quicker, and arguably, they are of a better quality.

4 – Monthly payments

Signing up to a networking group can feel like a big step. You might have been along to a few meetings and established a feel for the group, but you’re not going to know for certain if it’s going to work for you until you jump in.

If there is a large up front cost associated with that, then you’re probably going to feel even more nervous. The good thing at BBG is that we offer a monthly payment plan, which all our members use. A simple Direct Debit payment of £45 means you can spread the cost of your membership, and not have to think about it.

There is a small admin fee to get you set up, but other than that, there is nothing else to worry about. You pay, and you attend. End of.

5 – We’re independent

Bury Business Group is not part of a franchise. We do not have to answer to anyone other than our members. Whilst we have a leadership team, these are individuals who volunteer their time, and our elected by their fellow members. Equally, they serve a 12-month term, before someone else is offered the chance to step in to their shoes.

This ensures that there is stability, whilst also providing opportunity for fresh insights along the way. As we are a group run for the group, by the group, we have control to change things as and when they need to be changed. We can put on events, provide training and support for members, pay for social events (some of us are very excited about the Christmas do later this month) and donate to our chosen charity (The Buddy Bag Foundation).

This independence also means that there is little risk of our membership fees being increased. Any changes are based solely on increased costs of room hire/catering etc (although, none of us can remember the last time there was an increase!). Finally, as we are not for profit, the funds we raise are simply put back in to the group for the benefit of members.

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