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Business Cards

When you attend a networking event, it’s standard practice to take a handful of business cards with you. Many of us still do it, perhaps without even thinking, having been trained over the years to always have them on hand. However, with the ever presence of phones, where we can quickly and easily store a new connections contact details, and the instant ability to connect via LinkedIn, are business cards still as relevant today, as they ever were? Or, are they an unnecessary expense?

Clark, from Mustard Graphics, our member covering all your design and printing needs, would no doubt argue NO! They are exceptionally vital. We’re possibly inclined to agree with him, and here’s why:


A good business card will have all the relevant information you need to hand over to a brand new contact. Not only will it have your name, company name and immediate contact details, but it may well provide further information about what it is you do, the services or products you provide, and who your ideal customers are.

All that information is available in a small card, that you can easily hand over. Yes, it may languish in the bottom of someone’s handbag for the next two weeks, but how much impact do you think your name and number entered in to someone’s phone is going to have? What are the chances of them deliberately searching you in their contacts, or even remembering who you are and what you do after all that time?


On many occasions your business card is the first opportunity someone has to make contact with your brand. It stands to reason therefore that you want to make a good impression, and stand out from everyone else. Your card is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity to showcase your personality, and what your brand stands for.

If you are a creative business, then you may think outside the box slightly – perhaps using something unconventional like a branded packet of seeds if you’re a gardener; or a printed Lego brick if you’re a builder. There are so many options, and ways to ensure that you are remembered long after the meeting has taken place.


Have you ever met someone at an event and asked them for a business card, only to be told they haven’t got any? Come on, what was your impression? We all know we can make a mistake and forget them, but that still says a lot about individuals. Those who carry their business cards with them are the type of people you can rely on to be prepared, and to think ahead. The type of people who will always see an opportunity and are focussed on what they want.

Carrying a business card with you at all times shows how serious you are about your business. Scrambling around for five minutes wondering where you put them, or if you even had them at all, does not.

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