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Falling in love with your business again

February is the month of love. The shops are full of all things heart-shaped, supermarkets are competing over the cheapest meal-deals and restaurants are doing all they can to entice you in for a romantic night out for two.

When you think of matters of the heart you don’t necessarily immediately think of business; however, we won’t let that stop us from trying to write a topical post this month!

The reality is that most of us, at one point or another, fall out of love with our businesses. We started them out of need, desire or from seizing an opportunity. During those first months, perhaps years, your business consumed you, the way a newborn does. You thought of little else, you barely slept, you didn’t have time to eat – rest? What’s that then?

As time goes by, the exhaustion kicks in, the novelty wears off and you’re left wondering what on earth you’re doing. We all find ourselves in a rut at times, it’s perfectly natural, and more often than not, nothing to worry about. That said, it can be a disconcerting time, so what can you do to kick yourself back out of it and on to solid ground?

So how do you bring the love back?

We asked our members, and here are our top tips:

#1: Take time off

When was the last time you took some genuine time off from the business? Most of us, even when we’re “away” are still at the end of the phone, or keeping an eye on emails. You don’t have to go away, but simply ensuring that you have some regular time off – completely away and free from the business – is a great way to recharge your batteries.

#2: Try new things

We get bored when things are boring. If you had the same meal day in and day out, chances are you’d get bored of it eventually; no matter how much you loved it to begin with. The same is true of relationships, including business. If your day is the same, if you’re doing the same tasks over and over again, then it’s time to think what you can do about it. Can you outsource some of the tasks? Or automate them? Are there things you’re doing that don’t actually need to be done? What could you be doing with your time instead? Perhaps look at a new project you can work on, or service/product you can offer.

#3: Find support

We often joke that coming to Bury Business Group is a bit like having your own Business Owners Anonymous. In some ways, it’s true. A good networking group should be supportive of its members, not just in the hopes of increasing awareness and getting more business, but in steering them through the tricky patches. If you surround yourself with positive and supportive people, you will have someone to talk to, to bounce ideas around with and to give you their own tips for getting back on the horse again.

What are your top tips? We’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to visit one of our business networking meetings (for FREE!), just get in tough by CLICKING HERE.