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How to ask for reviews

Most business owners know that happy customers are the key to a successful business. If you have happy customers, they’re likely to return and remain loyal to you. Not only that, but they’re likely to tell their friends and family, which will ensure more customers through your door.

So, it makes sense that all of us are constantly trying to garner reviews and testimonials for our businesses, doesn’t it? After all, they’re great social proof that you do exactly what you say you do. However, even amongst our own members, we know there are people who never ask for reviews, and of those who do, many will only ask the once.

Of course, we’re all busy individuals, and no matter how great a service you received, do you have time to review every single company you do business with? When was the last time you reviewed your hairdresser online? Or your dog walker? Let’s be honest, we’ve all got better things to do.

How then can you get past the obvious hurdles that exist when it comes to asking YOUR customers to review YOUR business?

Ask in person

No matter how, when or where you ask your customers to leave you a review, there’s always a chance you’ll ask at the wrong time, they’ll be distracted, or they just won’t remember to do it the next time they have the chance.

However, if you take the time to ask your customer/client in person, then there’s a much better chance that they will go ahead and make the extra effort for you. It’s really easy to ignore a text message, or an email – they’re so generic and your customer knows you’ve sent them out automatically. Asking them at the end of your transaction with them if they were happy, and if they could take the time to leave a review, is more likely to resonate with them.

The tip

If you have more than one member of staff, it can be useful to get everyone to ask their customers/clients to leave a tip when they complete a sale/transaction/service. Not only this, but if your employee makes it clear that they can receive a tip or a bonus if their name is mentioned in a positive review, then there is a greater chance of someone leaving one.

Think about it – if you have had a particularly good experience in a shop or at a restaurant, and you are grateful to the person who served you – then you’re going to want to repay that gratitude in some way. Leaving a quick and honest review online is a great way to do this.

Customer incentives

Rather than rewarding your staff, you might want to consider rewarding your customers if they take the time to leave you a valid review. You could enter them in to a weekly or monthly draw, provide them with a 10% discount code or money off their next purchase with you.

There are lots of ways to encourage people to leave you reviews – do you collect them, and what have you found works for you?

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