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Member Profile: JP Woffenden of Pixelwave Creative

JP Woffenden is a knowledgeable and experienced videographer, producer, camera operator and editor, who oozes enthusiasm and a desire for helping clients succeed. He is also the brains behind Pixelwave Creative and has been a member of the Bury Business Group since May 2018.

Lu Etchells caught up with him and asked some of the more pressing questions about networking, business and films.

How long have you been in business?

6 years

If you had to describe what you did in three words, what would they be?  

Video producer: I tell stories

What made you choose BBG?

In 2016 we relocated to Bury, so it was important to establish myself, and the business, within an area I didn’t have much knowledge of. I didn’t want to just go down the route of traditional marketing, but I wanted to build new relationships and trust with other businesses and individuals within the Bury area.

Networking regularly in a group like BBG is essential for all of those things, plus I’d heard good things from a couple of the members.

What experiences did you have of networking before attending/joining?

I’ve tried numerous networking groups and events in the past. I don’t tend to like the pressured approach where it’s all about bringing a set amount of referrals to each meeting. I’m also not a fan of the unstructured approach where a group of people just meet to chat. A nice mix of the two is my ideal type of networking and I think BBG has that kind of balance.

What is the most positive thing BBG has done for you/given you so far?

I’m still relatively new to the group as we only joined in May 2018. I think effective networking takes time to build trust and establish yourself within a group. That being said, I have been warmly welcomed to the group and I feel it’s really helped in establishing the business in the Bury area.

What’s the highlight of your career (so far)?

It’s got to be the people I meet. We get a back-door entrance into so many industries and organisations. I’m privileged to have met so many of the amazing people that work with the NHS.

Our work with the Yorkshire Children of Courage Awards introduces us to some amazing families and young people who, in the face of adversity, are strong, loving and kind. Plus, so many more amazing people, that’s the part of the job I love the most.

Favourite meal?

The next one… one that’s made for me? I’m not a big foody, I eat to exist!

Favourite film

Depends on my mood. I like fantasy and adventure and will happily watch any of the Lord of the Rings films if they’re on when I’m channel hopping. I’m more of a documentary kind of guy to be honest.

If you could invite anyone to BBG, who would it be and why?

Gary Veynerchuk would be interesting. I love his passion and energy for business and he’s definitely got his finger on the pulse when it comes to common trends in marketing. I’d share his content online much more if it wasn’t filled with expletives.

What would you change about BBG?

The breakfast, its too nice and too tempting to turn down! To be fair, I could choose the continental option, but I’m not mentally strong enough as yet….