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Michael Shroot Spotlight

Michael Shroot, is a Director at WHN Solicitors and the Head of both the Commercial Department and Employment. Michael specialises in commercial dispute resolution, with a specific expertise in Employment law, director/shareholder and contract disputes, and is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.

He is also the current chair of BBG, and before he hands over the reigns to another member, Lu Etchells caught up with him to ask those hard-hitting questions we know you’ve all been dying to know the answers to.

If you were to describe what you did in three words, what would they be?
Help protect businesses.

What’s the biggest highlight in your career, to date?
Becoming a shareholder of my law firm, and thereby taking (some) control of my life.

How long have you been in business?
Started training as a solicitor 20 years ago and have been a business owner for the past nine.

How long have you been a member of BBG?
About 6 years

How did you hear about the group?
I think an existing member suggested I attend as the previous legal member had left. At the time there was only one legal space; however, AFG Law also wanted to join, and we agreed between us to “share” the legal spot – with them taking conveyancing/wills/probate and me taking the commercial law seat.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt since being Chair of the group?
Without doubt, patience. It’s one thing working with people who are paid to do a job, and quite another to deal with other business owners, who all have their own opinions and objectives. It’s been a very educating (and beneficial) experience.

Do you attend other networking groups, how does BBG compare?
I personally do not attend other groups, but some of my team do. BBG is the only one that runs weekly and consistently. Personally I find this allows me to build a better relationship with the other members, which in turn allows me to recommend them to other people.

What’s your biggest tip to people who are visiting a networking group for the first time?
It’s vital to have a clear message of what you do and what you want. Of course, it’s much more than simply standing there and delivering a specific 60-second pitch, you also need to engage with the attendees (whether that’s existing members or other visitors) at the event and afterwards to set up meetings.

What’s the most positive thing BBG has done for you so far?
Asides from ensuring I make time for breakfast once a week? Definitely connecting me with local and reputable businesses.

Now the important stuff, what’s your favourite film?
I have many depending on my mood, but if I have to choose right now (on a Friday afternoon), Falling Down, with Michael Douglas.

What would you change about BBG?
Nothing as I am the Chair so it must be running perfectly!
*** Mental note: Ask him again in a few weeks!

If you could invite anyone to BBG, who would it be and why?
Any local business looking to be part of a members owned networking group, as everyone would benefit from increased business and building new relationships, which is what it is all about.

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