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When it comes to networking, there can be some debate about whether or not interactions between members should be recorded. Some groups don’t pay any attention to it at all, simply allowing members to pass referrals naturally and complete 1-to-1’s if they feel like it. Other groups really push all, or some, elements, with penalties being issued for those who don’t contribute as significantly as others.

Here at Bury Business Group, we take a middle ground approach. We record what happens in terms of referrals, business passed and completed, as well as 1-to-1s. That’s because we think it’s important to be able to track who is getting the most out of the group, and help identify those who may be struggling.

However, it’s not just about work done and money earned. We also think testimonials are vitally important. Anyone can stand up every week and deliver a 60-second pitch on why they are so wonderful at what they do, and why everyone should be using and recommending them. However, everybody knows it could just be words.

The real benefit, and where people really start to pay attention, is when someone else starts to say good things about you. That’s the whole point of testimonials.

We encourage our members to provide written testimonials for their fellow members, so that these can be used to showcase work that has been completed. We keep a copy in our testimonial file, which all guests and subs are welcome to look at. We put copies on the website, so that visitors can see what’s going on, and members get an individual copy to use as they wish.

Of course, there’s more to a testimonial than simply singing your praises. It allows you another opportunity to showcase what you do. It may be that you have completed a piece of work for someone, and via their testimonial, it makes another member have a better understanding of what you do. Many times we’ve heard people say “I never knew you did that”, after a glowing testimonial has been read out.

Finally, it’s a nice thing to give out to someone. If someone has done a good job, why wouldn’t you want to say “thank you”? Why wouldn’t you want to take the time to praise them, and help recommend them to other people? You could even take a few more minutes to provide a recommendation via LinkedIn, so more people outside of your networking group are able to see it.

People really do value being appreciated, and it helps them know they are on the right track.

Who could you give a testimonial to today?