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Wanted: Mortgage Advisor/Broker

Here at Bury Business Group we currently have an opening for a mortgage broker/advisor to join us. This industry traditionally does well within networking groups for a variety of reasons.

#1 – The Trusted Expert

As you well know, buying a house is probably the biggest single purchase you are ever going to have to make. Chances are you’re going to have to take out a mortgage to at least part-finance such a purchase. Which means that’s going to ultimately be the single biggest debt you’re ever going to have hanging over your head.

It makes sense, therefore, that you are confident the advice you get when taking out this mortgage is impartial and can be trusted. Reviews on a website can be a great way to gauge how good an individual or company are; however, nothing speaks as loudly as a personal recommendation.

When you join a networking group, you should never consider that you’re trying to “sell” to the people in the room. You’re trying to reach everyone they know, too. You’re trying to place yourself as the expert, the person everyone should want to go to, and should want to send their friends to.

If your brother, sister, best friend or next door neighbour took time out to recommend a specific individual to you, regardless of the service, you’re more likely to check it out, aren’t you? You’re more likely to at least give that person the chance to quote for the work you need doing.

When the purchase as big as a property, this is even more likely to be true. People want to know they’re getting the best possible advice, service and support – and they’re more likely to get it from someone who’s recommended by someone they trust.

Why wouldn’t you want to tap in to all that potential for marketing?

#2 – Collaboration

Mortgage advisors naturally work well with a whole range of other industries; for example, solicitors, estate agents, financial advisors, architects etc.

Many networking groups already have these industries as members, and those that don’t, their spaces tend to fill up quickly. By joining a group you can have almost immediate access to members such as these, who not only offer natural referrals, but who may be able to present opportunities for future collaboration.

#3 – Awareness

Regardless of what industry you’re in, networking creates the opportunity to increase awareness of your business and the products/services you’re offering. You may have a huge marketing budget, and perhaps you dominate on social media; however, for those who don’t, membership of a well established networking group can help further enhance what they’re already doing.

Any business working within the financial industry will have strong stipulations on what they can, and can’t say, via their marketing. This often puts many businesses off doing much in the way of real promotion, which in turn, can have a detrimental impact on the amount of people they can reach. With networking you’re immediately increasing your reach by talking not only to the people in the room, but the people outside of it. Your membership will also feature in their own social media communications, and on their website, helping to enhance your social status.

If you want to find out more about the space we currently have available for a mortgage broker/advisor, please get in touch with us and book your FREE visitors space now CLICK HERE.