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The Buddy Bag Foundation



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We have created the Buddy Bag Foundation in response to the rising number of children who enter emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home.

Restoring a sense of safety and security into a child’s life during a traumatic time is one of the first steps to recovery. By providing these children with a few essential items, we can help make the transition into emergency care a little easier.

A Buddy Bag is a backpack that contains all the essential items a child needs. They include toiletries, pyjamas, socks and underwear. They also include comfort items such as a book, a photo frame and a teddy bear. A Buddy Bag is something a child can call their own, no matter where they go.

The Buddy Bag will also include a postcard addressed to the Foundation so children can write to let us know how their Buddy Bag has helped them and to say thank you.

The Buddy Bags are tailored to suit babies and children according to age groups and gender and cater specifically for children aged 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and 13-16 years old.

Buddy Bags will be funded through fundraising, sponsorship and donations. Groups of items can be either donated or sponsored.

The Buddy Bags will be stored and distributed to women’s refuges in the UK that deal with children who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Each participating centre will keep a stock of Buddy Bags that can be handed to children when they are placed in emergency care. Staff who work at the emergency foster care centres will be able to order up to 30 Buddy Bags at any one time direct from our Buddy Bag Foundation website. When stock levels run low, a simple form can be completed and a stock of Buddy Bags will be replenished. There is no cost to the centre or any individual who participates in the scheme.