Bury Business Group

The oldest and largest weekly networking group in and around the Bury area. Helping you grow your network to grow your business.

27 Members & Counting

The Biggest and Best Business Networking Group In Bury

So Say Our Members

We are Bury Business Group (BBG) with over 30 members we are easily the largest networking Group in the Bury area. We are meet weekly and are one of the few independently run, not for profit networking groups where you can build quality relationships within influential business leaders. We work on a one person per industry basis to ensure our members get the most out of there membership. Our leadership team invest time to ensure the success of the group and continued growth of our members businesses.

"Joining Bury Business Group has helped me expand my business in to areas I never thought possible."

Greg French


Meet Us

The Red Hall Hotel

Manchester Rd,

Free Visit As A Guest

The Schedule

1 - Arrive At 6:50am And Network

This is your chance to grab a drink, meet our members and start to build meaningful relationships to grow your business.

3 - Networking Break And 10 Minutes

This is another chance to grab a drink and do some more networking. At this point you will know who is who.

5 - Breakfast And Networking

Brakfast is included, now is your chance to arrange further meetings and enjoy some good food with even better people.

2 - Everyone Gets To Do 60 Seconds

We will all take a seat and do our 60 second pitch. This a little bit about yourself, business and what kind of introduction you are looking for.

4 - Referrals And Any Other Business

We will take a seat again, one member will do a 10 minute presentation and we will also pass any referrals.

Every Tuesday 06:50 - 8:30 am